Lord Dominic Seamor is your Thrown Weapons Marshal this year.

Come one, come all and duel with throwing spears under the walls of Baghdad!

See who can get a kill with spear at the greatest distance! Plenty of open practice and Royal Rounds for all weapons also available!

Be wary of your feet, as closed toe shoes will be required on range. Open toes not permitted, lest frostbite or the cold kiss of steel take one of your little piggies to market!


Range Opens at 10:00 a.m. Saturday

  • All East Kingdom Thrown Weapons guidelines and requirements will be strictly enforced, including mask requirements. Open Toed shoes will NOT be permitted on the range.
  • Each Thrower is responsible for reviewing the EK Range Etiquette 5.0 , and EK Range Procedures 5.0 prior to being allowed on the Range.
  • Spears will be provided.
  • The spear contest will have throwers competing to score an SCA Heavy Weapons “kill” on a life-sized paper target. The thrower who scores a “kill” from the longest distance is the winner.
  • Throwers will have ample time to practice Saturday, and Royal Rounds may be submitted for  submission to EK Scorekeeper.
  • Each Thrower may submit multiple rounds but only the best score entry will be tallied/submitted.
  • All recorded Royal Round scores will be submitted to EK Thrown Weapons Scorekeeper for EK Records.