• The cooks of Shire Wars X seek to pique the palates of visitors through exploring the delights of Middle Eastern cuisine in our evening feast. Our dayboard will have foods to easily take with you as you enjoy the day’s activities with stations set up at the great hall, fighting area, and archery area. For campers we will also have breakfast on Saturday and Sunday.

    Questions about Shire Wars food may be directed to Celine Elisabeth de Meaux at head-cook@shirewars.eastkingdom.org. Items are marked on Dayboard and Feast pages as to common allergens, ask if you have concerns that are not addressed by the descriptions or notes on the pages.

  • Feast has Sold Out

    All seats for the Feast have been sold. There are no restrictions on bringing outside food onto the site – aside from a general prohibition on alcohol (the site owner’s policy). Please refer to the Site Information Page for details on the site’s fire & firewood policy. There are a limited number of restaurants within… Read more »

  • Feast Menu

    Selections in the feast will include (menu and recipes will continue to be updated so check back) Kibbe – lamb and bulgur (D) Labne – yogurt cheese prepared 2 ways – rolled in mint and rolled in sumac (GF, V, D) Layered lentil and chicken triangles with honeyed walnut sauce. (GF, N in sauce) Tabbouleh… Read more »

  • Dayboard Information

    Dayboard is included in the site fee, and will be served in three locations: the hall, the fighting field, and the archery range.
    Menu now available! →

Food & Beverage Policies and Information

Food and beverages generally may be brought in from off-site, but some sites have specific policies, which will be displayed here.