• Dayboard Information

    Dayboard is included in the site fee.
    There will be food available at the hall, at the fighting field and at the archery range.

    The Head Cook for Dayboard is Lady Celine Elisabeth de Meaux.

    The Menu

    The Dayboard Menu will include

    Dayboard Buns
    • Buns filled with lamb, spinach, feta, raisins and spices (D, S)
    • Buns filled with seasonal greens, feta, ricotta and spices (V, D)
    • Falafel – chickpeas, beans, bulgur wheat, spices (V, VG)
    • Chicken spread in pita – Chicken, spices, citrus, walnuts (N)
    • Salat of Cabbage (GF, V, VG)
    • Seasonal vegetables (GF, V, VG)
    • Hummus (GF, V, VG, S)
    • Baba Ghanoush (GF, V, VG, S)
    • Pita (V, VG)

    GF – Gluten Free
    V – Vegetarian
    VG – Vegan
    D – Contains Dairy
    S – Contains Sesame
    N – Contains Nuts

    A falafel, cut into two pieces, sitting on a wooden surface


    Recipes for Dayboard Menu items are not available yet. They’ll appear here once they are.