• Rapier Activities

    Tentative schedule for Shire Wars Rapier Activities

    • 10a – 12p : inspection, authorizations
    • 12p – 1p  : Shire Champions Tournament
    • 1p – 2p : Shire Wars Rapier Tournament
    • 2p – ? : Rapier Battle of Kulikovo melee/ pick-ups

    Shire Champions Tournament

    Round Robin tournament fought best 2 or 3 passes. In case of a tie, format will be determined as needed. The Tournament is open to the Champion/Representative from each of the Shire Wars host Shires.

    Shire Wars Rapier Tournament

    Format will be determined based on number of participants.

    Rapier Battle of Kulikovo melee

    If there is both time and interest, we will split the number of participants into the Army of the Golden Horde and The Army of Prince Dmitry of Moscow for some melee fun!

    Please keep in mind, all activities are still in the planning stages and may be subject to change.

    Contact Lord Jacques de Villiers Saint Oryen (d’Oryen) at 67383@members.eastkingdom.org if you have questions about rapier events at Shire Wars or if you would like to volunteer your time in support of rapier events.