• Thrown Weapons Schedule

    Come one, come all and join the ranks of the Mighty Golden Horde, or fight for the glory of your Russian Princes and Royals, at the Battle of Kulikovo!

    Whether fighting with a spear, axe or blade, try your hand and gain honor and glory for your army! Plenty of open practice and Royal Rounds available!

    Be wary of your feet, as closed toe shoes will be required on range. Open toes not permitted, lest frostbite or the cold kiss of steel take one of your little piggies to market!


    Range Opens at 10:30 a.m. Saturday

    • All Throwers will be expected to have chosen a side (Rus Army or Golden Horde) at Troll.
    • Scoring will be by East Kingdom Royal Round Standards and points will be captured/calculated for each side.
    • All East Kingdom Thrown Weapons guidelines and requirements will be strictly enforced, including mask requirements. Open Toed shoes will NOT be permitted on the range.
    • Each Thrower is responsible for reviewing the EK Range Etiquette 5.0 , and EK Range Procedures 5.0 prior to being allowed on the Range.
    • Throwers will have ample time to practice Saturday, and Royal Rounds may be submitted for both submission to EK Scorekeeper, and tallying for the throwers army points.
    • Each Thrower may submit multiple rounds but only the best score entry will be tallied/submitted.
    • Once the range closes for the day, Army points will be tallied to determine the Point winner
    • The “Ultimate Top Score” will be noted by Army and name of Thrower (for prize and/or award purposes).
    • All recorded Royal Round scores will be submitted to EK Thrown Weapons Scorekeeper for EK Records.


    Range Opens at 10:00 a.m. Sunday

    • Light practice time will be available from 10:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. for standard submission of Royal Round Scores for those interested.
    • All recorded Royal Round scores will be submitted to EK Thrown Weapons Scorekeeper for EK Records.

    Please contact Ragnall Cennetig at 248459@members.eastkingdom.org, with any Thrown Weapons-related questions you may have. Schedule subject to change as needed/required

Information about Thrown Weapons activities will be posted here once it becomes available.