• No Youth Activities Information

    No children’s/youth activities have been announced yet. Please stay tuned!

    Here is an example of what the Children’s Activities schedule might look like:

    9:30 AM Calligraphy – all ages
    10:45 AM Wired Fun – 8+ (or Littles & a parent)
    11:00 AM “Stained” Glass – all ages
    12:00 PM Break for lunch
    2:00 PM Make a helmet 8+ (or Littles & a parent)
    3:15 PM Recess Games: Duck-Duck-Goose/Hide and Go Seek, etc – all ages
    4:00 PM Clean up

Notice to Parents

Parents or a responsible adult are expected to remain with their children during these activities. The facilitators are there to help and/or teach children. Drop-off child care is not available at this event.