• Youth Combat Activities
    • Melee Games
    • Hunger Games
    • The Sheep Game
    • Other Favorites

    Instruction will be available for any new combatants.

  • Childrens’ Activities

    Non-combat childrens’ activities will be run by Lady Roseia Posey.

    At this time, the planned activity for children will be grab-and-go activity packets for children to do with their parents. To protect the safety of our children, no group activities are planned.

    You may contact Lady Roseia at 181843@members.eastkingdom.org with any questions you may have regarding childrens’ activities.

If nothing appears above this line, it means that no children’s activities have been announced yet. Please stay tuned!

Here is a sample schedule:

9:30 AM Calligraphy – all ages
10:45 AM Wired Fun – 8+ (or Littles & a parent)
11:00 AM “Stained” Glass – all ages
12:00 PM Break for lunch
2:00 PM Make a helmet 8+ (or Littles & a parent)
3:15 PM Recess Games: Duck-Duck-Goose/Hide and Go Seek, etc – all ages
4:00 PM Clean up


Parents or a responsible adult are expected to remain with their children during these activities. The facilitators are there to help and/or teach children. Drop-off child care is not available at this event.