Feast Information

The Shire Wars feast has a Middle Eastern theme.

Saturday Feast:

  • $10 adults
  • $7 Youth (13+)
  • $0 Children under 13

Pre-registration for Feast is recommended as limited seats are available.

  • Feast has Sold Out

    All seats for the Feast have been sold.

    There are no restrictions on bringing outside food onto the site – aside from a general prohibition on alcohol (the site owner’s policy). Please refer to the Site Information Page for details on the site’s fire & firewood policy. There are a limited number of restaurants within 5-10 miles of the site. There are no restrictions on leaving and re-entering the site.

  • Feast Menu

    Selections in the feast will include
    (menu and recipes will continue to be updated so check back)

    • Kibbe – lamb and bulgur (D)
    • Labne – yogurt cheese prepared 2 ways – rolled in mint and rolled in sumac (GF, V, D)
    • Layered lentil and chicken triangles with honeyed walnut sauce. (GF, N in sauce)
    • Tabbouleh (V, VG)
    • Beet salad (GF, V, D)
    • Salad of cucumber and pomegranate (GF, V, VG)
    • Rishta – Lamb and noodles (GF on request)
    • Salad of chickpeas and carrots (GF, V. VG)
    • Dish of chicken with quinces served with tricolor rice (GF, S, N)
    • Assortment of sweets and fruits (ask as many will contain N, S, D)
    • GF – Gluten Free
    • V – Vegetarian
    • VG – Vegan
    • D – Contains Dairy
    • S – Contains Sesame
    • N – Contains Nuts


Individual Recipes for Menu Items will be posted here once they become available. Click the Recipe Name to view the full recipe.