Join the Western Shires of the East Kingdom for the 8th Annual Shire Wars

Join Their Majesties of the East Kingdom, Wilhelm and Vienna, and the Shires of Blak Rose, Hartshorn-dale, Montevale, and Owlsherst, and the Barony of Buckland Cross in celebration of the 952nd anniversary of the Battle of Hastings on the weekend of October 19, 20, 21, 2018!

Hear the clash of battle, the singing of arrows, and the thunk of spears as we fight as was once done at Hastings! Participate in classes, competitions, and crafting circles. Feast as the Normans did, and tell the tales and sing the songs of yore and today!

See the Royal Court of Their Majesties, and hear the praises of good gentles of our Eastern lands!

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