The East Kingdom College of Performers will be holding a Silent Auction at Shire Wars. The funds raised will go to the College so we can have favors to give to the members of the College, prizes for newcomers, and to help us further organize events.

The organizer is Lady Siobhan ingean ui Ghadhra, who may be contacted by email at

If you are interested in donating anything – whether it be an item, skill, or anything that folks may wish to bid on, please let Siobhan know. These do NOT have to be performance-related, or even hand-made! Got a nice length of tablet weaving? Some hand-made bowls? Garb? Feast gear? Music books? Gauntlets? Penannular pins? You make amazing oatmeal raisin cookies? Got a gift card? All are great items!

How to Donate

If you would like to donate, please tell Siobhan what the item is, donor’s name (or Anonymous), and include a photo if possible.


  1. You have an item. New, vintage, etc. You can bring it to Shire Wars, or have someone bring it for you. Contact Siobhan for mailing info.
  2. You have a skill. Anything bespoke, a performance, future cooked items. Let Siobhan have your email, address, and phone number, and she will make a lovely certificate.
  3. You wish to donate toward the purchase of an item, or just to the College in general. Please contact Siobhan to make arrangements.

What’s up for grabs?

  • Hand carved wooden items
  • Basketry materials
  • Pysanky eggs
  • Weaving/spinning supplies
  • Vintage jewelry
  • A wooden music stand
  • A concert to be performed at Pennsic by Bird the Bard
  • A bespoke artistic rendition of heraldry
  • A vintage brass rubbing