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East Kingdom Policy stipulates that masks shall be worn at all times when on-site at any practice, meeting, or event, except that participants may briefly lift their masks for bites of food or sips of beverage and fighters may refrain from wearing masks when actively engaged in fighting (helm comes off, mask goes on). Martial activity runners may require fighters to remain masked while fighting as long as the policy is evenly applied to all participating fighters on the field.

Proof of Vaccination or Recent Negative Test

On September 27, 2021, the SCA Board of Directors announced that Kingdoms may adopt a policy of requiring vaccination or proof of negative test. The East Kingdom opted to adopt such a policy. This section will be updated to reflect changes to the requirements, which go into effect October 12, 2021. In all cases of disparity between this site and the main website, the East Kingdom website shall prevail.

The Proof of Vaccination or Negative Test policy is anticipated to slow things down a little at the gate, and you should also expect a more strict event security posture at site entrances/exits. Please bear with us as we work out how to best implement this new policy.