Shire Wars remembers those SCA members who were lost in the time since the previous Shire Wars was held.

  • Lady Mary of Montevale

    Mary served in pretty much all positions at the Pennsic Independent (PI). She was, at varying times, Ad Designer, Typesetter, Front Desk, Proofreader, Battlefield Reporter, Columnist, Feature Reporter, and Editor in Chief.

    She was also a mentor for young reporters, who often went on to careers in journalism.

    Mary helped keep the PI staff calm and came to our rescue more times than I can count, even while battling breast cancer. I remember the year she was first diagnosed and in treatment. She was not even going to come to Pennsic. She surprised us all, showing up with a lovely scarf over her bald head. At that moment, there was a problem at the front desk, and she immediately took charge and worked for the rest of that day.

    Her stint as Battlefield Reporter took place while recovering from treatment. When no one else could be found, she took it upon herself.

    Throughout her treatment, in remission and recurrence, Mary was there for you, making certain that the newspaper came out.

    …And did a damn fine job of it.

    She was an awesome friend, too. I appreciated her often no-nonsense, humorous, patient, and kind conversations. She helped me cope on a daily basis, and was a shoulder to lean on during the years that my daughter was in treatment for cancer.

    To say that she will be missed is a terrible understatement. She will be remembered.

  • Noble Alana O’Keeve

    Noble Alana’s life was devoted to service and the benefit of others both in and out of the SCA.

    They held several local group offices including seneschal (Atlantia and the East), exchequer, and consulting herald at Herald’s Point for four Pennsics.

    In 2006 they received an archery marshallate, followed by a thrown weapons marshallate in 2011. Over the next few years they became an Archery Lieutenant at Large and the Southern Regional Deputy Marshal of Thrown Weapons (DE, PA). During that time they ran practices, event ranges, was the EK thrown weapons score keeper, taught archers and throwers as well as trained new marshals for both disciplines.

    Please join us in remembering the life of a loving spouse, loyal friend, devoted teacher, and generous soul.

    They are survived by their wife Joscelin, mother Karen, sister Virginia, and pelican Mael Eoin mac Echuid.