The taste of war has come to our region, and we will not ignore it! 

Shire Wars is quickly approaching, and the Shire Wars Event Steward and Marshal in Charge have invited branches to select a Rattan Champion to represent them on the list field.

The champions will go head to head in a battle for the title of Shire Wars Champion, and claim points for Mongol or Baghdadi Abbasid! 

In addition to the champions battle, there will be a Wheel of Destiny tourney. The rules are:

  • teams of two members each spin the wheel to see which weapon the first teammate uses
  • the second spin determines the shield type the second teammate uses
  • if a team loses its shield, the fight continues with just the first teammate and their weapon
  • if a team loses its weapon, then the shield / defender has 20 seconds to drop the shield and acquire the weapon their teammate was using

Following the day’s scheduled tournaments, there will be opportunities to participate in mêlées . There will not be combat archery.

Please reach out to Event Steward Lady Torvi fra Bergstopt or the Shire Wars Rattan Marshal, Master Wulfgar o’ the Wood, with any questions!